Coming to Grips with The Grand Finale

If you are wondering about our happily ever after . . . 

Last month, I bought nine tubs of Ben and Jerry’s.  I put the Ben and Jerry’s on the counter, and sat down to check my email.  I felt something wet on my foot, and looked to see blood pouring down my leg.  I will spare you all the seriously macabre details, but by the time my friends came over, it was like Carrie at the Prom with Rosemary’s baby.

And it didn’t stop there.  In the ER, the best way to describe it would be buckets and buckets of red paint.  Only worse.  

The cause: hemorrhaging from a miscarriage gone awry.  Or would that be a pregnancy gone awry?  Whatever it was, it was awry.

On my way to the hospital, I called my husband (a bicycle commuter).   “Ride home, pick up our son at the neighbors, and then come to the hospital,” I said.

He said, “I’ll leave right now.” 

He got on his bike.  And got hit by a car.

Yes, folks, my husband got hit by a car.  He flew over the car and landed behind the car – like in the movies.  When he called my emergency room from the ambulance, he wasn’t sure what was wrong.  The next call notified me that he would be going into surgery and that he would be admitted to the hospital.  A different hospital.

So now, I am still in the ER, on the cusp of a blood transfusion or emergency surgery, and my husband is going into the OR to put his leg back together.  Just great.

My son was whisked off and well taken care of by friends, friends who even slept at our house so he could sleep in his own bed.  Thank you, dear friends. Friends who cleaned up blood, made meals, and prayed.  Again, thank you.

After four hours of hemorrhaging, my bleeding miraculously and suddenly stopped.  My husband’s leg was sewn back together. 

When my son came to the hospital the next day, he looked at me with a mix of surprise and relief.  His face said, “You’re not gone.”   When we got to the other hospital, our son did the same thing: hugged my husband like he had survived the Apocalypse. 

The recovery took a few weeks, but we’re feeling fantastic.  We’re still in a state of wonder.  

The Ben and Jerry’s?  A neighbor saved it.  It too survived.

In Speed, Jack tells Annie: “I have to warn you, I've heard relationships based on intense experiences never work.”  I don’t know about that.  But when you’re already in a relationship and the “intense experience” comes, if you come to grips with it the right way, come to grips with God’s mercy and love, it can bring you closer together.