Coming to Grips with Being Ignorant

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  And when reporters say, “The Church of Latter-day Saints” I just can’t let it go.

My post on the radio station comment board: “Thank you for bringing this important issue to light. In the future, when you mention The Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder-day Saints, please say the name correctly. Reporters often and repeatedly leave out portions of the correct title of the church and it makes them sound ignorant.”

Um . . . I know because I’m looking down on you from the top rung of the ladder of stupidity. 

My mom called yesterday laughing because I spelled connoisseur, coinsurer in my last post.  I’m really surprised y’all didn’t call attention to my ignorance.  Leave that to my mother, who giggled as she said, “Didn’t you sound it out?”

“Yes, but that never gets me anywhere.  The last time I sounded out Champs-Élysées, the guy thought I was talking about a chimp named Elise,” I said.

Spelling is not my strong suite.  Suit.

Let this be a public apology for my curt comment on the station website. I’m sorry. There’s nothing like good ol’ fashioned embarrassment to keep my judgmental nature in check. And for all of you who have noticed my misspelled words and typos, thanks.  Thanks for not laughing or calling me names. Besides, you’re not my mother and it’s not your place anyway.