Coming to Grips with The Perfect Vacation

Beth and I have been very best friends forever and ever (vbffae) for about six years.  She is six feet tall and resembles a German spy/runway model.

One March, Beth and I decided to take a trip to Southern Utah to do all our favorite activities.  I had just wrecked my car, so I rented a truck.  We packed the back of the truck with our climbing gear, mountain bikes, skis and snowboards, and headed down South.

Friday morning, we climbed.  The following is actual dialogue from our travel video.  In every video, I am chewing on sunflower seeds.

Beth: K, Polly’s about to climb. [Pan camera.]

Polly: This is the scene of our first climb.  I have no idea what it’s called.  I think it’s a 5.9.

Beth: It’s only five bolts.  So we’re not too worried.

Polly: Um . . . 

After only making it to three bolts, I came down and Beth finished the rest.  We call this dual-leading.  We ended up dual-leading just about every single climb we’ve ever attempted.

Friday afternoon, we mountain biked.

Beth: We’re just getting ready to go biking, and this is called Stucki Springs (if I’m not mistaken).  [Pan camera.]

Polly: [Giggles nervously.]

Saturday morning, we skied at Brian Head.

Beth: Okay, now we’re driving to Brian Head.  It’s the perfect vacation and the snow looks good. [Pan camera.]  Turn here.

Polly: Right here?

Beth: No here.

Polly: Here?

Beth: No there?

Polly: Where?

We skied in the morning, snowboarded in the afternoon, and snow biked the last hour.  The snow biking left my cheeks sore for weeks.  Too much laughing.

Then, we drove four hours back to Salt Lake City.  I think I ate four bags of Gummy Bears. 

My husband and I have inherited the tradition, and now we have, what we call, epic Saturdays.  I’ll have to write about that later.  I'm exhausted just thinking about all that exercise. I need a nap.