Coming to Grips with Hosting Easter Dinner

A few things I learned from hosting this year’s feast:

1. Dry pot roast, under-cooked carrots, and potatoes with no gravy don’t seem like a big deal until you actually try to choke them down while simultaneously watching your guests concentrate to swallow.

2. Guests really aren’t into plain yogurt as a condiment. But they are polite, so they won’t run to the sink and spit it out.  Even if you tell them it’s okay. 

3. No matter how beautiful your china is, it is not edible.

4. Even grown men enjoy dying Easter Eggs.  Of course, when you’re starving, a boiled egg goes a long way.

5. Good conversation is enlightening.  So is fasting: the real reason we were able to sink our teeth into the cultural morays that keep us from being Christlike.

Thanks to our friends for coming and being so gracious. Thanks for seeing past our weaknesses and into our souls.  Obviously, there’s no Rocco Dispirito in there.  

Friendship is a great place to learn forgiveness and laughter in the face of human blunders. I can’t promise to be a better cook, but I can promise that feasting at our house will give you an opportunity to be a better person.  Sometimes the extent of my contribution to society just kills me.