Coming to Grips with My Tonsillectomy

I have not come to grips with this yet. 

It may take weeks.

I went an entire two days without speaking.  That's how bad it got.

Well, I eked out a few horse, unintelligible words.

But for all intents and purposes: two days.  Mute.

What can I say? Miracles happen.

In the meantime, I've heard lots of tonsil getting out stories.  My mother, who always wins this game, won again.

"I got my tonsils out at 13.  The next day in the hospital I left without telling anyone and walked home.  My mother was at work, so the hospital called her to tell her I was missing.  I went home and ate corn chips," said my mother.

When I told my husband, he said, "Well, I guess she eats whatever she wants no matter what."

I've had some complications that have made my recovery more difficult that a c-section, more difficult than a appendectomy six weeks after a c-section (true story).  My mom thinks corn chips might solve all my problems.  But I think a coma would be more helpful.