Coming to Grips with Taking a Break

A brief recount of what has happened since I last wrote.

1. I became a Relief Society President.

I’ll write more about this. The punch line will always be: I’m a Relief Society President. (For those of you who are not Mormon, this is tantamount to inheriting 207 adult step-children,16 of which are down on their luck at any given moment and you’re their go-to gal because their biological mom lives 2600 miles away.)

2. I still have not healed completely from the horror of tonsillectomy.

I’m a changed woman. Profoundly changed. My palate now prefers mango to anything else. RIP Chocolate. This has affected my identity. If I haven’t packed gobs of chocolate in my face – cans I be funny?

Why is it funny when you eat so much chocolate you can’t remember where you parked the car, but it’s not funny if you drink mango juice? Yesterday, I drank mango juice and ended up waiting in traffic like everyone else. Is that funny? I can't tell. I haven't eaten an M&M in five months.

3. And for some good news: I am finally settled into my apartment.

Yes, it took 14 months. Yes, it took 28 trips to Goodwill. Yes, it feels fantastic! I’m now turning my sights on two new ways to improve myself. One involves wearing supportive undergarments on a daily basis and the other involves eating at least one serving of vegetables a week whether I need it or not.

Thanks to all of you who wrote to make sure I hadn’t passed on. I am not dead. I thought a break would help me reinvent myself after the demise of chocolate and my new capacity as congregational step-mom, but I’m still struggling. Maybe y’all can help me come to grips with my new identity. Thanks for reading. Hopefully, we’ll all be Coming to Grips more often this fall.