Coming to Grips with The Golden Mean

Many of you may wonder, with my obvious physical flaws, how I can parade around sans cover-up at the beach so confidently.  It’s scary.  I know.  Some of you are wishing that I would at least put on socks – since the sight of my flat feet often causes visual offense.

Well, like all teenagers, I too struggled with body image until my first semester at, what once was, Ricks College when I took an Art and Philosophy class.  All those archaic statues looked familiar, and not because I’m a connoisseur of anything, let alone art.  I was looking at myself.  A still, ivory version of Polly, as Rubenesque, flat chested, and paunchy as I’d ever been.

I discovered that I am a Greek Goddess. 

Our Professor gave us the dimensions for the Golden Mean, the Greek way to calculate perfection, and I ran home and started measuring.  And what do you know – I was perfect.  At least according to the Greeks.

When you know you’re a Greek Goddess, not much can make you unhappy about your body.  A few extra pounds make a Greek Goddess look all the more jolly.   

So, for all of you ladies out there, you may not have the dimensions of the Greek’s Golden Mean, but the Greeks are just one culture of thousands!  Chances are your exact dimensions were/are perfect to some culture, some person – and I hope at the very least that that person is you.