Coming to Grips with Six Pork Tacos

I live in Northern Virginia where there is a woeful lack of Café Rios.   It’s awful.

I know.  You’re over it.  I know – Café Rio was so, what, six years ago?  Five maybe?

Well, folks, I’m still riding the Café Rio train.  When I go to Utah to visit family, that train stops at Café Rio first – I shuttle straight from the Salt Lake Airport directly to Café Rio, where my mom collects me after I have licked the sweet juices from my fingers.

Of all the things I’ve ever said, of all the words I’ve ever spoken, I have never felt more satisfaction than when I speak the words, “Two pork tacos.”

Try it.  Hold up two fingers, peace-sign style.  Give into the urge to entertain a slight Latino accent if you don’t have one already.

“Two pork tacos!”

Yesterday, friends informed me that a Café Rio just opened less than 15 minutes from my apartment.  The kicker – on Taco Tuesday you can get tacos for $1.50 a piece.    

Even if someone had told me I had just won the HGTV Dream House, I would not have been more excited.

The Alexandria Moms caravanned to Café Rio where I proudly shouted:

“Six pork tacos!”

In the middle of the Northern Virginia pork taco desert was an oasis.  I drank from the fountain of delicious tacos and filled my canteen for later.

I wasn’t super social.  I savored every bite in silence.  But I want my friends to know that they made my day, my week, my month.  Thanks.  I will never forget it.  And my husband will never forgive you.