Coming to Grips with Getting Bucked Off

My father taught me that learning is like a rodeo.

When I learned to ride a bike, a nasty fall left a giant scabby raspberry on my upper lip.  My father held me for a moment, and then he taught me an important lesson:  What’s the first thing you do when a horse bucks you off – you get right back on.

I’m grateful to my father for teaching me perseverance.  A thing he now regrets.

My 2-½ year old son can coast down a hill on his balance bike.  Today he had his first real crash. 

Later, I sat him on my lap and described the crash to Jake, showing off Ove’s battle scars. 

And then I sensed a teaching moment:

“Ove, what’s the first thing you do when a horse bucks you off?” I asked.

Ove looked me in the eyeballs with silent anticipation.

“You get right back on,” I said.

“And then you fall off and get really hurt,” said Ove.

Ah, yes, leave it to a toddler to take the lesson to it's logical conclusion: the hospital.