Coming to Grips with The Kirkland Signature Mercedes-Benz

My husband received a promotional email today from Mercedes-Benz because he’s in tight with those fastidious German auto engineers.

And apparently, those Germans love their sauerkraut in 30lb drums.

The Subject Line: Mercedes-Benz of Alexandria is Costco Approved

Jake almost bolted out the door. The Kirkland Signature Mercedes-Benz trumps the minuscule dealership Mercedes with a whopping 14 passenger capacity and 831 horse power.  And since we have an Executive Membership, we’ll get 2% back! 

We don’t mind that the swanky G55 AMG badge comes with a little Kirkland Signature Edition below it.  And we can’t wait to use it for transporting relatives to family reunions or congregational chums to church events.

The only draw back is that we just bought a new stand-alone 2045 square foot freezer from Costco to fit our stockpiles of edible Kirkland Signature products, and we have no room in our garage for the non-edible ones.

However, since we have to use the Costco Home Equity Refinance Get-Into-Costco-Sized-Debt Service I read about in Costco Connection last month to purchase the car, we might as well just add on a Kirkland Signature Collapsible Temperature Regulated Home Storage Room.  Then I can really stock up on Brookside Dark Chocolate Açai with Blueberry.  It's a Kirkland Signature Costco Sized Win-Win!!