Coming to Grips with The Neighborhood Newsletter

New Year, new house, new neighborhood.  This is what happens when the neighborhood newsletter lady asks if you'd rather be interviewed or write your own spotlight:

We moved from a tiny two bedroom apartment in Washington D.C.  We are excited to bring in the groceries in one phase – rather than four.  Big city life had its advantages, like frequent power outages.  After all the fun we could stand, we decided to return to our homeland:  Jake is from Holladay, graduate of Olympus High School.  Polly is from Bountiful, graduate of O’ Bountiful, we’re proud of her. 

Polly graduated from Ricks and Weber, and then taught a year in Davis District before serving a mission at the Arizona Temple Visitor’s Center.  Later, she received her M.Ed. from Weber and continued to teach and coach at Millcreek Jr.  In 2008, she met Jake online and promptly quit teaching to become a trophy wife.  Polly now eats chocolates and writes comedy.

Jake went on a mission to Ireland, and then received a mechanical engineering degree from The U of U. After working as a medical device engineer, he went to law school at Gonzaga University.  Putting his law degree to work, he practiced as a patent attorney and then joined the US Patent Office.

A turning point in our life was when Jake decided to transfer all the hair from his head to his face.  “What happened to you!?!” Polly said.

“Have you ever noticed that you can find a hat for your head, but not for your face?” said Jake.

Although Jake and Polly both love outdoor sports: cycling, hiking, etc., they haven’t figured out how to get out of the house since having kids.  If Polly could do anything sporty, it would be yoga.  Jake is currently day dreaming about swimming laps.  Someday. 

For now, buying groceries is a fine recreational activity.

As for our goals, we are currently working on several important objectives:  sleep, fold the laundry, eat a vegetable, maybe go on a family walk, maybe not. Jake would like to get his work done.  Polly hopes to wear make-up on weekdays.

And now for the other two Scotts.  Here is the uncut version of their exclusive interview:

[Ove (3 years), what do you like to do?]

"Read stories and play with Ford.  Eat eggs." 

[What’s your favorite toy?] 


[What are you good at?]

"Collecting things" - by which he means hoarding pieces of cardboard. 

[What’s your favorite treat? Hopefully people will read this and bring you some – say chocolate.]


[Anything else you want to say?] 

"My species is the T-Rex. I love my favorite actor: Arnod Shortsenadder."

[And you, Ford (7 months), what do you have to say for yourself?]

"My favorite treat is milk.  My favorite activity is to drink milk.  That is all.  Oh, and I like milk.  Can I eat now?"