Coming to Grips with Ford's Favorite Food

Ford is exactly 10 months old and weighs exactly 26 pounds.  He wears 2T.  He doesn’t crawl or walk.  He rolls.  He rolls with grace.

For a few weeks, I’ve noticed a strange patch in our carpet.  The carpet is poking up on the edge between our living room and kitchen tile.  I push it down.  I walk by later, it’s poking up again – only more, so the subfloor is showing.  I push it down. Repeat.

Well, yesterday, I discovered the cause.  


Ford eats our carpet.  

He rolls over, sits up and feasts on the carpet strands.  He giggles.  

Ove was obsessed with long skinny things – spatulas, sticks, broom handles.

Ford is obsessed with paper.  If he can get ahold of paper,  it disappears before my fingers can spelunk into his cavernous cheeks. Until this, my first line of defense was a keen eye on the paper situation.  

Now, I have to baby proof the carpet.  Every single strand.  I’m not looking forward to it.