Coming to Grips with Harsh Realities

Stopped at a stop light near an in-patient long-term care hospital, Ove glared as nurses carefully abstracted a patient, tubes and all, from an ambulance.

Sensing a teaching moment . . . why?  Why do I always take the bait?

Sensing a teaching moment, I said, “Ove, did you know that sometimes people get so hurt they can’t breath.”

He looked at the patient.

“Sometimes, they get so hurt, they can’t walk or talk or eat food.”

I let this sink in.

"Sometimes, they get so hurt, they lose their legs or arms."

I let this sink it.

And then Ove spoke.  “Mom, sometimes they get so hurt they even lose their eyelashes!!”

“Yes, that happens,” I said.

“And then they go to the dentist. He gives them a new eyelash.”

He let this sink in.

It's taking awhile.