Coming to Grips with Data Recovery

My computer just attended it's first 12-step meeting.  My husband and I did an intervention.  iMac didn't want to go, but what can you do when the people you love say, "You have a problem."

We knew something was wrong when 6,000 photos went missing.  My sons' baby pictures - missing.  We looked everywhere.  Who would take them?  Where did they go?  Only someone with a serious problem would turn to baby pictures in a weak moment.

The Data Recovery staff has been amazing.  After four days in rehab, iMac is home and we're beginning to sort through all the lies and dig out one photo at a time from the thousands and thousands of uncovered files.  It's not pretty.  But when one has a problem, it's best to face it head on.

We love you, iMac.  We'll nurse you through this.  But if you ever, ever, lose our babies' photos again, it's tough love, pal.  You better watch your step.