Coming to Grips with How to Use a Duvet Cover

Have you ever wondered how to keep a duvet cover in place?

I have the secret.  Domestic perfection at our house is frustrated by a linen calamity.  We can’t get the down comforter to fit rightly in the duvet cover, resulting in a section of duvet void of fluff.

We call this The Flap.

As any would-be Martha Stuarts can tell you, a duvet flap can throw off the whole line and silhouette of even the most expertly designed bed.

But we aren’t shallow like that.  No, we have depth.  We make lemonade out of bedding shaped lemons.  We stopped trying to keep a duvet cover in place. 

My husband is bald.  I am not.  Subsequently, at 70 degrees, a degree ideal for sleeping, he shivers while I sear the sheets like a 140-pound, internal combustion hot water bottle.

And so, my friends, in this season of patriotism, let me honor The Flap, rogue linen marriage therapist.  The Flap solves our body temperature troubles.  We adjust the duvet so that the flap side covers me.  The other side, an unsightly pile of feathers, shields my poor hairless husband from the woes of central air.

A moment of silence for The Flap. 

Okay, enough of the silence already.  It’s making me sleepy.