Coming to Grips with Lilac Jeans

I won a ticket from Bing to Alt Summit 2013 in San Francisco - a conference for swanky design bloggers and their chic clothes.  And I know you are thinking.  You’re thinking, “What will you be doing there, Polly?  We haven’t seen you wear actual pants since 2008!?”

Stylists with fashion blogs, designers with color palette blogs, crafters with DIY blogs and me – Polly, sit down comedian.  I don’t have a good feeling about this.

On the Alt San Francisco 2013 Facebook page someone posted, “Nothing like night-before packing. Just . . . noticed . . . that the closing keynote goes until 5:30pm and the . . . party starts at 6pm. Is everyone planning on changing outfits beforehand or just adding some accessories?”



What is an accessory?

And even if I had one, would it take 30 minutes to put it on?

Do not fear, my friends, I am a Costco junkie.  And even sans accessory, I have three secret weapons.

At Costco a month ago, I found Lilac jeans, real life designer jeans that feel like sweats.

Friends, I literally had not worn jeans in four years, nay five!  Five years!!  Partly because the feminist in me refused to be debased by a corset made of denim.  And partly because I get cranky in tight clothes.  Who doesn’t?

Throughout these years, I decided to turn to meditation instead of shopping.  Instead of actually wearing torturous skinny jeans, I imagined that I wore breathtaking magic skinnies that felt like pajamas.  And that, my friends, is why I paraded around so confidently in shrunken faded knits while you diverted your eyes in embarrassment (okay nausea).    

And then, my meditation bore fruit, all at once at Costco at a Lilac jeans event.

I bought two pair of Lilac jeans that day (the bootcut and the boyfriend), and I kid you not, I have worn the delicious jeans every single day since. 

I even went as far as to get a pair of coral skinnies directly from because I can’t get enough!  And I can’t wear them long enough!   And I look like a million bucks!  Now, I’m wearing blouses and flats, and I bought a handbag! 

Thanks, Lilac jeans for the makeover.  You deserve a standing ovation! But these jeans are so comfortable; I’m just going to stay right here on the couch.