Coming to Grips with Learning How to Blog

This summer is the third anniversary of starting this humor blog: Coming to Grips: How to Reconcile Yourself with Yourself.

When I started blogging, I couldn't answer the question, "Why blog?" I didn't even know how to blog.  I just started writing.  And posting.  And writing more.  And posting more.

And I found myself Coming to Grips with blogging one post at a time.  I watched comments come in, awed that people actually liked my writing.  And after a year, I wasn't just learning how to blog anymore, I was actually a blogger.

And now, I can actually answer the question, "How do you write a blog post?"  In fact, soon, Amazon will soon be graced by my book,   Forget About Grammar: How to Write a Better Blog Post.  I have come that far, folks.  And that's really far.

I'm also considering changing the format of some of my post titles.    

Are you in love with the classic Coming to Grips headline: Coming to Grips with Blogging ?

Or do you prefer: How I Came to Grips with Blogging (wait, isn't that this post?).

I'm torn.  Actually, no, I'm not torn.

Because I'm not sure if anyone can ever arrive completely.  I mean, do we ever really arrive at grips? In reality, are we not always coming to grips?

Yes.  Yes.