Coming to Grips with 4-Year-Old Plans

“Mom, I know how to keep Satan out of my brain,” said my four year old son, one evening while eating his bedtime snack.

I stopped doing the dishes and looked at him.

“When I have a bad picture in my brain, I just chop it out.”

“Cool,” I said.

He chopped the air with his little hand.  “Chop. Chop. Chop. Chop.”

“That’s how I do it.”

“Awesome,” I said.

“And I make good choices.  That chops him too. Chop. Chop.”

“And I don’t be mean to people.  And I don’t hurt people.  Chop.  I do those four things.  Chop!”

“Then, Satan won’t bother me!  And I’m FOUR, so it’s perfect! Four things!”  And he raised his pointer finger in the air and nodded quickly.

How did we get to this point, where my son was telling me his plan to combat Satan? 

This is my best guess: we talk openly and frequently about all sorts of topics from how pornography hurts your brain to Don’s collection (from Dinosaur Train). 

We include our son when we make plans – any kind of plan.

I guess that’s how we got to this point – a tender moment when my son explains his plan for ensuring he doesn’t think bad thoughts or do bad things.

Or maybe he’s just a mutant . . .

I should check to see if he has a belly button.