Coming to Grips with Thank You Cards

Dear Mom and Dad,

Thank you for (yet another) wonderful Christmas.

I adore the luggage and think of Audrey Hepburn every time I look at it - which is too often.

Ford is now emotionally and physically attached to the stuffed wolf you gave him. It should have been labeled, "Toddler Chew Toy". It is disgusting - the amount of slobber deposited in just a short ten days. Ford goes to sleep gnawing on it. He wakes up gnawing on it. And he eats his breakfast gnawing on it.

As for Ove, the car carrier has been adopted into the Toy family. It was a smooth transition - with the exception of Lego Semi-Truck, a toy that avoids conflict at all cost, who is currently cowering under the couch. As for Car Carrier, Ove sometimes places his calculator on top of it lovingly at night. Ah, such a heart warming scene on these cold winter nights.

 As always, thanks for your love, support and help.

 Love you forever.