Coming to Grips with Trials

This is an excerpt a friend wrote about an experience we shared together. 

While serving a full time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I was transferred to an area with Polly Oveson Scott, back then I called her Sister Oveson.  We were really having a great time.

Our area bordered the Indian Reservation, which was not located on the "Mesa". There was a beautiful cemetery in our new area and one of my favorite things to do was to ride our bikes through it every day. The downside to this area was that it had a VERY steep hill coming in and out of it. So, it was a workout!

I ran a lot on my mission, so I wasn't in awful shape. But, as you may know, bike muscles and running muscles are very, very, very different. So different, in fact, I don't know if they even touch each other!  

Anyway, the first few days in this new area had me red faced and on one particularly hot day I had to walk my bike up the hill. Polly, on the other hand, was a mountain biker before her mission, so she didn't have a problem getting up this hill.

After weeks of practice, I was getting better and better and very proud of my accomplishment. Then, one day it happened . . . I beat Sister Oveson up the hill! I was giddy! She was confused. It must have played tricks on her mind because for a solid week after that she could barely keep up with me.

One day while servicing our bikes, Sister Oveson noticed something . . . something was wrong with her bike. She was riding it while the brakes were stuck ON!

Now, this is how adversity comes into play. Riding that bike with her brakes on made it hard to keep up with me. Just like when we go through life and we have challenges  - some days we find it harder than others to just keep up. But, I will tell you a secret, when she fixed that bike? Well, her legs were stronger than an ox and she FLEW past me. It made her so much stronger having gone through the struggle.

We got a great laugh out of it, but it's also been a lesson to me about trials - although they seem hard and some days we feel like we just can't go one. more. inch. We can. And, if we have a positive attitude we will not only become better people, more dependent on the Savior and His strength, but we will also be stronger. Stronger than we ever imagined possible!

- E.B.