Coming to Grips with Potlucks

A few years ago, this email chain happened - Reply All style:

Couple 1:  Who is up for watching a movie and maybe having a little St. Patty's Day Potluck this Saturday evening?  

Polly: We are!  We are!  I could make spam and cabbage!

Couple 2: We’re free Saturday night after 6:30 – 7:00 PM; would that work for everyone else?   Also, we’ll bring the culinary opposite of spam and cabbage (i.e. smores).

Couple 1: Scotts are about to be uninvited!!!  SMORES! SMORES! SMORES!  7 PMish it is then, unless we hear different. 

Polly: What?  What about just plain spam . . . ?  7 works for us.  

Couple 1: While we reconsider your invitation, we strongly recommend you reconsider your menu contribution :)

Jake:  First let me apologize for my wife. As Couple 2 can attest, dinner parties are not one of Polly's strong suits, i.e. Easter dinner debacle of 2011. In fact, that is the only example I have because they have managed to avoid all other invitations. Consequently, I assure you Polly will not be in charge of the menu contribution. I feel like haggis is the most appropriate menu contribution.  

We can’t figure out why we haven’t heard back from them yet.