Coming to Grips with My 2011 Christmas Letter

After a grueling few months, our son's German is getting much better.  Between that, the scuba lessons and his insatiable desire to please us, he rarely gets to do the laundry, one of his favorite things, but one must make sacrifices.  Oh, and his ballroom dance lessons always bring a partial smile to his cute two year old face.

My husband's swanky downtown job leaves him little time for anything besides polishing all his top leather shoes (also known as full grain for those of you west of the Mississippi).  When he does get a little free time, he uses it to lavish me with exotic gifts.  My favorite this year: a stuffed wild boar he shot which looks regal in our 46' bay window.

As for me, the life of a trophy wife isn't easy.  2011 was full of trials.  I broke a nail.  I lost my platinum covered iPhone.  And the wind ruined my hair when I sang the National Anthem at an Orioles home game.  This year has taught me to be grateful for the things I do have, namely manicurists, itemized property insurance, and photoshop.  I just hope that Santa will make it up to me, unlike the year when he crushed my heart and left me at the mercy of my parents. 

We wish you the very best 2012 ever.  Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Please love us!

The Scotts