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"Using humor on tough topics is tricky -- you can run the risk of making those listening feel like you're making 'light' of it. But every time I've heard Polly speak, she has used her gift of humor to immediately engage and endear her audience. Her realness and honesty instantly give her credibility, shows empathy and fuels a connection with her audience. I have laughed out loud every time I've heard Polly speak, and I've walked away feeling uplifted, empowered and 'lighter', no matter how heavy the subject matter." - Hilary

A Reason to Stand
May 9, 2015
A Personal Account of Recovery

Utah Coalition Against Pornography
April 18, 2015
The Good, The Bad and The Funny

Enduring it Well
Fall, 2013
Pornography Addiction Endured
"You are so inspirational. I know I could use your story to help me, and [my wife] could too, since this becomes an extremely lonely thing to endure in her situation. I'm so glad we were able to cross paths with you at this time." - Bryan

Uplift Utah Families
October 26, 2013
You want me to talk to my child about what?! 
"THANK YOU so much for sharing your story and experience about pornography! You are so brave to do so, and I know it's benefiting so many people!" - Shellie

The Togetherness Project
October 19, 2013
No More Isolation: How I Told Family, Friends, Neighbors, Strangers and Stationary Objects about My Husband’s Addiction and Found Joy
"I love listening to you because you are real and fun.  You understand and easily explain tough concepts with a gift for being clear and
concise." - Amy

LifeStar Wives Conference
February 18, 2014
The Essentials Every Woman Needs to Heal
"You are hilarious, real, down to earth, and just plain entertaining to listen to.  You have the gift to take a heavy subject and make it light." - Kami

Mormon Tea
February, 2014
Filling My Cup with Determination
"Polly speaks my language and that's why I love listening to her.  She's a candid voice, a genuine voice, a relatable voice  and a voice that brings humor to sometimes difficult topics.  She crafts her stories with everyday experiences and life's many lessons while still being able to laugh at herself.  It's this mix that makes her fascinating and real." - Jeni

Women for Decency Online Event
October 17, 2013
Making the Pain Count: How Women Can Make a Difference
“Polly is informative and humorous, and I love how she encourages participation and questions in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.” - Sandra

Family Forward
September 4, 2013
Becoming a Super Hero Family: How to Develop Trust in Families
“I could say so much about how you have helped me. You taught me how to communicate with my spouse in a constructive, positive way. I now have the vocabulary I need to successfully navigate our relationship.” - Cristy

Women for Decency Annual Social
August 29, 2013
From Darkness to Light: A Personal Story of Hope
“I wanted to thank you, DEEPLY thank you . . . I've been truly touched by what you're doing. . . . Your story, your perspective is so refreshing. Thank you for sharing your heart. You make it safe for others to do so as well.” - Brooke